Tips For Riding Your Motorcycle Safely Brooklyn – Nassau County – Queens NY

Have you ever wonder why so many  motorcyclists crash and burn while riding on congested streets?  Riding in traffic can be a nightmare, especially for street riding new comers.  It can be a quick ride to a nearby store or a late night ride with friends, motorcycle safety has been a great concern for any nation.

Many enthusiastic riders enjoy a lifetime of riding without injury, it is fun  for them until everything comes crashing by one single mistake. It’s amazing how many different tasks motorcyclists deal with on a normal traffic-choked commute.  Thinking of what a pedestrian will do, reading traffic signs, or manipulating lanes, all of these can be very overwhelming for any rider.

Motor cycle multi tasking can be tedious when riding but working it successfully and right, means processing a multitude of activities at the same time  and reacting correctly to each. The key is to maximize  your odds on the road, as a result making effective use of your safety skills  and be prepared to refrain from all  risks because  any mistakes can lead to serious disaster.

The number of motorcycle riders have gone sky-high over the  years, as it is the common mode of transportation for many  and it is very obvious that the increase in ridership leads to increased risks.

The best way to eliminate and avoid any mishap is to educate yourself  about your safety when riding.  Be  knowledgeable  about road safety tips, hence reducing your  chances of any  accident.We have taken an initiative to increase awareness about motorcycle safety among riders.  Our  Motorcycle Lessons in Queens New York  has design some proven riding tips to assist you with your  safety when  riding your motorcycle.

Below are some safety tips  that will ensure you stay alive on two wheels whenever you move off for this fun ride or a quick errand.  Please ensure that  you implement them each time you move off on your motorcycle.

Antilock brakes- a lifesaver

Antilock brakes have turned out to be an in-thing for most models of present days. According to data revealed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), bikes that come integrated with ABS brakes have 37% less probabilities of resulting in a serious crash in contrast to bikes that come without it. Irrespective of the type of rider, ABS brakes may really prove effective in preventing the accidents.

It is very obvious that locking up the brakes all of sudden ends up taking the riders away from the steering control.  This situation may easily result in a slip and crash, causing serious injury. ABS brakes help retain the steering control when riders stop in an emergency and this does a great job in a slippery condition.

Where is your helmet  a Safety Gear

This question is often asked by the teens at the time of leaving home and on signal. But, it seems though that a helmet is nothing more than a companion for most teens. Believe it or not, helmet is a disturbing topic for most riders.  At Acess2Drive driving school our Motorcycle lessons in Nassau County New York puts a special emphasis on wearing your helmet to protect your head and most importantly part of your body. When riding a motorcycle without a helmet, there is a  40%  chance of injury during a crash.  Added to that, riders may experience brain injuries as a result of an absent helmet.

A helmet covering the entire face is the best to wear when riding a motorcycle. Modern helmets are not only lightweight, but also stronger and comfortable to wear.  Bear in mind that a helmet does not stay intact a lifetime but deteriorates over time.  Hence the reason it must be replaced after a while to ensure safety. Always buy helmets that is of strong material and the latest designs.

Beware of car drivers

Before you learn to ride a motorcycle in New York, it is very important to learn the defensive techniques. In many cases, car drivers are found guilty of causing an accident in comparison to motorcycle riders.  With the  latest sophisticated mobile phone use, and texting behind the wheel,  motorcycle riders are required to be more attentive  and alert.  Make sure that you are not following a car too closely . Keep away from tailgating  as this is critical both to ensure you have enough stopping distance and you have time to react to a road obstacle.  A car can easily straddle an object and this could be  a serious hazard to those  on a bike.

Sharpen  your skills

When you are all prepared to take the motorcycle out on the road for a long ride, it is very critical that  you sharpen your riding skills first.  Access2Drives  Motorcycle lessons in Brooklyn New York  teaches you everything about riding motorcycles starting from the basics to the advanced techniques. By opting for a safety course, you increase the chances of getting eligible for insurance discounts. In some states, you are not required to appear for a road test or written test as  part of your  licensing process when you  pursued a safety course.  Added to this, even the motorcycle manufacturers provide credits on the cost of a new motorcycle when the rider has appeared for a  motorcycle safety course.

Be comfortable

The clothes that bring you the comfort are the best for riding. Though it is important to be comfortable with the motorcycle model when riding, it is more important to ensure outer comfort by putting up something you are used to in order to avoid painful disaster. The bike gears protect you against wind chill, but you need something to protect you from debris, dirt and flying bugs. To ensure maximum protection, always put up a leather jacket or any other, gloves and over-the-ankle footwear in summer as well. There many brands being manufactured especially designed jackets made of breathable mesh material and featuring rugged padding to offer enough protection and ventilation to riders in hot weather. Only helmet cannot protect the eyes against dirt, so you have to go for eyeglasses for extra protection.

Conduct a walk around

Prior to going for a ride, it is very imperative to conduct a thorough check on everything ranging from light to horn and directional signals to gears. Besides, you should also check shaft, belt and chain to make sure that everything is working properly.  Ensure that your tires  are intact,  and make sure that they have sufficient air and there is no puncture. Access2Drives  Motorcycle lessons Nassau County New York will ensure that  learners grasp  quick ways to deal with unexpected situations. This can assist them  to get over any temporarily circumstances  and look for a definitive option in the vicinity.


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