Access2Drive – Driving School Rules

Access 2 Drive LLc Driving School is guided by the rules of D.M V and we must follow these rules accordingly. D.M.V has a stipulated 24 hour rule and this must be respected at all times.

Change of Appointments

To cancel or change an appointment you must call the office to speak to someone during working hours or before the close of the day. Access2Drive driving school no longer accepts voice mail to cancel or change any appointments.

Pre – License 5 Hour Class

All our students enrolling in the pre – license course class, must be in class on time as we at Access2Drive driving school are guided by the rules of D.M.V. According to those rules you will not be allowed in class if you are 15 minutes late. You are to bring along your New York State Drivers Permit with you as well.

Road Test Dates

There is no refund on test dates. We do not control dates or times for test. If you can not take a test on a given day please tell us before. It will be to late after a date is set for you.

Driving Lessons

Driving lessons are 45 minutes each or you can opt to take a double lesson. Our instructors will first call you for your pick up and also upon arrival by  your home. Instructors will only wait at least 10 minutes after a call to you. If by that time he/she does not hear from you they will move to their next appointment. Instructors will also try to leave a message.

Note that if you booked a double lesson you will lose both lessons for not showing up or calling in. There is a fee of $30 to replace a lost lesson.

Home Pick Up Service For Lessons

We try to service areas not to far from our locations. If You don’t leave with in those areas there will be a extra charge for home pick up or you can all way come to one of our locations for office pick up at our normal rate.

Office Hours

Our office hours are from Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm. To cancel a weekend lesson you have to let us know in advance or no later than 5pm on Friday. A weekend lesson includes a Saturday, Sunday & Monday. No voice mail will be accepted. We do not have customer service hours on the weekends. Only give lessons and 5 hour class.

New York State Permit or License

Learners must have a valid New York State Permit or License to take driving lessons with Access2Drive.

MV-262 Form – For Students under 18

Students who are under 18 years old must bring the D.M.V. form MV-262 with them to the road test. Also you will not be able to take your road test if you hold your permit for under 6 months. Most time DMV system will not set up a road test for you. Sometime you can get a test date. We can not be held responsible for those students under 18. That pay for test dates plus use of our car, and on the day of their test DMV don’t let them take it.

Refund Policy

Access 2 Drive driving school will not give any refund after 10 days.

Except for contracts executed by schools licensed by the New York State Education Department and subject to the refund provisions of regulations promulgated by that department, prepayment for lessons and other services shall be subject to refund as follows:
If the student, having given prior notice of at least 24 hours, withdraws from or discontinues a prepaid course of instruction or series of lessons before completion thereof or from any other service for which prepayment has been made, or if the school is unable or unwilling to complete such prepaid course of instruction, or series of lessons, or to provide such other prepaid service, all payments made by the student to the school shall be refunded except:
(i) an amount equal to the enrollment fee, if any, specified in the contract or expressly receipted for, not to exceed the sum of $10 or 10 percent of the total, whichever is greater, a specified cost of such course of instruction or series of lessons; and
(ii) the school’s per-lesson tuition charge, for each lesson already taken by the student shall be determined by dividing the total cost of such course of instruction or series of lessons by the number of lessons included therein.

Driving Packages

Packages are valid for 6 months from start paid date. You must complete all your lessons within that time.
Students please be guided accordingly.