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Gosh getting your Commercial Drivers License is one heck of a tough challenge but with practice and time you can master the act of commercialization. You have gone all out to practice and practice, you have also completed the training to become a bus driver, you have also passed the Commercial Driver’s License general written test and now you are preparing to take the New York State road test.
It has been an exciting venture, a successful set of driving training lessons, I have practiced and most importantly I have seen the dangers on the road with these commercial buses. Now it is time for the road test to get my CDL license but needs to get over these jitters down my stomach. These pre road test nerves are kicking in and needs to get myself back on track. Always be mindful and focus on the following;
The road test, or skills test, consists of three sections which include on-road driving as well as the pre-trip vehicle inspection and basic vehicle control. There you will be examined on the different techniques needed to handle a commercial vehicle. In other words you need to be prepared for your CDL road test, you will need to be thoroughly familiar with the operation of a Class A commercial vehicle.

Your Road Test/Skills Test

It is mandatory that drivers who wish to obtain a Commercial Drivers License must take a series of skills tests or road test. The main objective of these tests are to ensure drivers can operate a commercial vehicle safely with no accidents on the highways. Drivers take the skills tests in the type of commercial vehicle they wish to operate so as to make it easier for them. As a CDL driver your experience on taking your road test can be very different from each other . In one area the test may seem very easy and in other areas it can be very complicated. However, if you reside in the city or in the country, ensure that you take your time and do things in the safest way and drive defensively. The following are a few tips to ensure that you do well on your Road Test.


  • Make sure that the first thing you do is to wear your seatbelt. If you do not, it could possibly cause you to automatically fail the test.
  • Try reading all traffic signs carefully in case the examiner asks you what the sign says. Most importantly, remember to intently look for bridge height clearance signs as well as weight limit signs.
  • Try keeping both hands on the wheel at all times as a result, you will have better control of the vehicle.
  • Always remain alert and be conscious when using your mirrors throughout the drive., its important as it helps you see what is behind or sideways of your vehicle.
  • Make sure to signal early before you make any turn or merge.
  • Do not tailgate. Leave at least a car length between you and the car in front of you. Do not rush up to stop lights or signs.
  • Try making complete stops.
  • Remember that you are going for a drive to show the examiner that you can be safe while driving on public roads. Be as safe as possible and more than likely you will pass your test.

 Pre-Trip Inspection Test

For your Pre Trip Inspection Test you must provide a vehicle which represents the license class for which you have APPLIED. The vehicle must have clean, operable safety belts – school buses are exempt. The cargo portions of all vehicles, especially tank vehicles, must be empty at the time of your road test. The vehicle must pass inspection, at the time of the test, to be used for the skills test.
This pre-trip inspection will be required before the skills test. The objective of this test is to ensure that drivers can perform an inspection of the vehicle and explain to the examiner why the vehicle is safe for operation. If your vehicle fails the pre-trip inspection for safety reasons, it will be considered a test failure and you must make an appointment to retake the pre-trip inspection test. A subsequent exam fee will be assessed for your next test. It will not be necessary to provide a new test scheduling fee. If you fail the skills test three times, you must wait six months before you can retake it.

Vehicle Control

Vehicle control is an important aspect of obtaining a Commercial Drivers License. Being able to move the vehicle forward, backward, and making turns are required in this portion of the driving test. Being able to control the vehicle is important. This can be demonstrated by negotiating turns, railroad crossings, up and down grades and traveling on multi-lane roads.

Vision Test

Another important aspect in determining you get a CDL is to make sure that your eyes are intact. The Examiner may give you an eye test before you take the commercial driver license skills tests. This test will measure how well you can see. If you wear glasses or CONTACT lenses to pass the vision tests, then you will be required to wear them when you drive. A corrective lenses restriction will be placed on your CDL. If you fail the eye test, you will be given an eye referral form which must be completed by an eye doctor and returned to the department within 30 days. Your vision must be corrected before you will be issued a CDL.

So drivers follow these guidelines above and you are sure to succeed in obtaining your Commercial Drivers License. Make sure you bring all of the required items with you on the day of the test, including your driver’s license, social SECURITY card and the Department of Transportation Physical Exam form. Try to be on time and plan to arrive approximately 30 minutes early for the test so that you are not late. Arriving late will create more stress and anxiety for you and you may miss your appointment and you may have no choice but to reschedule and pay another fee that could have been avoided.
So drive safely, be alert and stay conscious of your surroundings at all times and drive defensively to obtain this Commercial Drivers License that you have been waiting for. Stay lock with Access2drive best cdl bus Brooklyn Driving School, we are the driving force of information, we UPDATE and make the driving experience better and fun!

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