Are you under 18 years old and your ready to learn to drive from the Best Driving School Baldwin NY. Come find out how much are driving lessons with us.


My understanding of the Driver Education  is it is a High School Program for juniors and seniors. This program introduces driving skills to the class and is made up of more hours in class than driving lessons on the road. When I took driver education I had 5 other students in the car with me as we went out on the road to drive. We each only got about 10 to 15 minutes of driving each.  I had to take more driving lessons with a Driving School and my parents to fully get a feel for driving. I did pass the test the first time but I thank my dad and the driving school for getting me to that point. I did get the reduced insurance certificate but the price of auto insurance for someone under 21 in the state of New York is so high I didn’t get to use it. I stayed under my parents policy until well after I was 23.

Here are some of the good points for taking driver education:

  1. JUNIOR & SENIOR LICENSING.Taking the Driver Education Program will allow your child to achieve a junior license at the age of 16 and a senior license at the age of 17. Without a driver education program, your child cannot receive a senior license until you are 18 in the State of NY
  1. CHANCE FOR REDUCED INSURANCE COST.Most insurance companies will give your child up to a 25% discount on their collision and liability. You should check with your insurance company to see what their policy is for driver education students.

Why Use a Driving School over Driver education or with driver education.

  1. The Driver Education Program will only provide about 6 hours of actual driving time, whereas your son or daughter will only get about 15 minutes behind the wheel of the car with other student in the car with them.- (clarify your argument here
  1. State requires a minimum of 50 hours of driving time (including 15 hours after sunset) (10 hours in heavy traffic) to take the road test. You must bring the MV-262 form with you the day of your test.

Driving School Preparation. Our driving school will teach your child the correct way to drive so they have a better chance to pass their road test on the first try. With a one-on-one approach to learning, our program and instructors help your child. Although there are many reasons why a person may fail a road test, one of the most common is acquiring bad habits. Remember, to pass a road test you must drive like a new driver. This means they have to learn a lot of information that a parents may have forgotten over the years. That is not to say that they should not practice with their parents to get experience. As a matter of fact the more you drive the better you get. But a Driving School will prepare you for your road test.

Learn 2 Drive the Access way with the best driving schools in Baldwin.

Learn 2 Drive the Access way at one of our local driving school in Brooklyn – Queens –  Baldwin Long Island
We Teach you how to drive.

We Teach you how to drive.
Car Lessons
CDL Bus Class B-P Training
Take one of our class for
Defensive Driving Course (6 hour class)
5 hour Pre-license class
We have packages to fit your needs
4,6,11,16 lesson packages
Our packages include:
5 Hour class
Car for test
Date for your test
Lessons are 45 minutes each
Best Queens Driving School

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